Human potential is unevenly fervent across different exploratory spaces. HYPERSPATIAL is where the fervency is applied directly to transport.
Moving into the expanding and unchartered territory of accelerated change, what the future holds is in essence what has been offered all along - a blank canvas of unadultered potential. The canvas of present day is not only intensifying in complexity and degrees of interconnectivity, but is beginning to envelop and engulf the human being in a mutually mediated and dynamic relationship. The art piece is reaching out for the artist & viewer in a highly-concretized association. Where the television set was initially intended to be viewed at a distance, it is starting to inch closer and closer to the optical nerve itself; inviting a participatory exchange, relinquishing control to the viewer's whims and desires.

HYPERSPATIAL is a forecasted techno-urban design fiction within a canvas of a futurescape situated in the heart of Arabia. Hyper-accelerated developments in technology and quantum physics have heralded a new era in travel allowing human teleportation to any corner of the planet and beyond. This has catalyzed major upheaval and organizational disruption across industries including commercial travel and logistics services. Although notable enhancements have been made to traditional modes of transport, scientific breakthroughs have revolutionized movement altogether, rupturing the fabric of space-time, realizing a technological event horizon, and transitioning humans into a hyper-dimensional milieu.

The Hyperspatial Transport Authority (HTA) is at the heart of bringing this new era in transportation to the wider population. Its mission is to ensure the seamless and safe integration of hyperspatial transport within the current existing transportation infrastructure. And as part of its first and primary terrestrial service, BURAQ will focus on single-passenger teleportation linking to a wider planetary network administered by the overarching Universal Hyperspatial Transport Collective (UHTC). Translated as 'lightning' in Arabic and named after the steed carrying the Islamic Prophet Muhammed from Mecca to Jerusalem and then to the heavens, BURAQ allows for both inner-city travel as well as connecting to UHTC portals across the planet.

HYPERSPATIAL is a discourse on the evolution and underlying fickleness of our urban topographies where the increased immersive human element gives rise to new modes of encounter and a depth in urbanism at large. It's a provocation; a question on human ingenuity; a narrative on potentialities and their multifaceted effect when realized; an entelechy of human transport. Topography of mind meeting topography of landscape. Through a series of images, a visual juxtaposition is established, superimposing contrasting states of reality via a simple yet enigmatic monolithic form; the old versus the new; the seemingly arcane against the proven familiar; the future embedded in the past within the emergent ever-present.

What will the human experience be like when we decamp from Cartesian geometry and Newtonian space and start riding ethereal photons and evanescent quantum particles? A far-fetch from oiled pistons and rotating rubber wheels. Hyper-dimensionality will eclipse the hitherto mono-dimensional realm of reality, rewriting the entire relationship with our surroundings, reformulating the geological epoch of the Anthropocene, and crafting a whole new urban paradigm.

(renderings developed by Farhad Entezari)